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The Greater Richmond
Black History Song Challenge






In collaboration with Language Institute of Virginia,  

Hubbard Educational Consultants is a proud financial

sponsor of the 2023 award.

What is the challenge and who can participate?

The Black History Song Challenge is an opportunity for young people of African heritage to celebrate and showcase their unique, special, and dynamic character, talents, and authenticity and to share their awesomeness with the world via social media.  The contest is sponsored by the creator of the song, with financial support from local business partners.

While all students are invited to participate, high school seniors and undergraduate college students in Richmond, Henrico, and Chesterfield, Virginia may submit their video productions for a chance to win a cash prize and an academic scholarship.

The song for this contest is available on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and other digital streaming platforms.

What are the timelines, guidelines, and deadlines for this challenge?

Submissions are accepted from February 1 - February 28 of each calendar year and must be received by 11:59 p.m. on the last day in February.  A new registration link will be posted in 2023 -- only one submission per student.  The parent or guardian and/or the winner will be notified by March 31 of the contest year.  Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:
1.  The video is 30 seconds to one minute in length.
2.  The video positively depicts African-American youth.
3.  The video is captioned and has an appropriate hashtag for the entry category.
4.  The Black History Song's chorus is prominently included in the background music of the video.
5.  The video is submitted on time.
6.  The submission form is completed in its entirety.
7.  The video quality is clear and the content is creative.

What are the submission requirements for the challenge?

Students should create a video (between 30 seconds and one minute in length) that depicts African-American teenagers and young adults doing phenomenal acts at home, school, work, or community -- for self or others.  The background music for the video must include the chorus to The Black History Song by Thea Paul -- "Like sun to the day, we're light.  We are light and we shine forevermore 'cause we know there's a better day ahead." 

Students may also use or substitute comparable lines from the Spanish and French versions of the song.  The video should be appropriately captioned to help the viewer understand the content of the video and its connection with the song's lyrics.  Videos shall be posted on universal (do not require special access) viewing platforms like YouTube and must have one of the following hashtags:  #bhschome, #bhscschool, #bhscwork, or #bhsccommunity.

What's the prize?

The winner will receive a plaque, a $50 cash award, and a $1,000 scholarship.  Special thanks to our business sponsors for their financial contributions towards this scholarship effort.


Graduation Year 2023 - Winner: Shkeela Gooden (Virginia Commonwalth University - studying Film Production). Sponsors:  Language Institute of Virginia - Chesterfield, Virginia; Hubbard Educational Consultants - Suffolk, Virginia.  Ms. Gooden is a graduate of Meadowbrook High School in Chesterfield, Virginia.  Shkeela undertook a project to promote literacy and the love of libraries amongst her school community.  She directed a series of five videos that show how students and staff use the library and that discuss the value of libraries in personal development and academic success. Keep being the light, Shkeela.  Congratulations!!


Graduation Year 2022 - Winner:  Elijah Williams (University of Kentucky).  Sponsors: Travis Hill - Jazz Barbershop - Chester, Virginia; Vince Barnes - Keep-N-Step, RVA - Chicago-Style Steppin' Network; Language Institute of Virginia - Chesterfield, Virginia.


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